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In Memory of Jessica
By Tamara

Jessica Ashley Cherie made her entrance into the world on Monday June 17, 1991. Immediately following her birth she was rushed into her first Intensive Care unit. After two weeks of confusion she was transferred to McMaster where she was eventually diagnosed with S.O.D. Finally at two months old she was able to come home to a very young and excited mommy.

At six months old her life of hospital visits started with a trip to McMaster Intensive Care unit, which lasted over 3 months. From there we had a daily battle with high sodium levels, high fevers, hypothyroidism, visual and hearing impairments, developmental delays, and finally a seizure disorder. She had surgery on her ears and g-tube placements. She met with almost every specialist in the city, each one trying to figure out what they were dealing with. The confusion of both parents and medical professionals resulted in arguments, accusations, and unbelievable amounts of stress.

On Saturday June 4, 1994 Jessica was rushed into the hospital with a fever of 108. Over the next few days while in a coma, Jessica’s little body began to shut down. On Tuesday June 7, 1994 I was able to hold her one last time. While whispering it was okay for her to let go because I would love her always, my darling angel passed through me and let go, finally able to say goodbye to all the pain.

Throughout the three years of her life Jessica suffered more than any person I have ever known, yet throughout the pain and suffering her strength and spirit shone through. This was shown by the way of smiles, laughs, and very long cuddles. She touched the lives of every person she met, many in a deep and very personal way. After her death many people felt as if a piece of their hearts had left with her.

There is so much more I could say about my beautiful angel but instead I will share my most sacred picture of Jessica, which was taken only five days before her death. It is my hope that all who look at it will see the same strength and beauty that I did each and every day of her life.


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