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Our Stories    

All of our children are unique yet they all share some common characteristics. We hope you enjoy reading about our beautiful children.

In memory of: Joy, Dillion, Jesse, Jessica, Jacob, Gavin, Alison and Roxi never to be forgotten. They are the driving force behind these pages.
We will never forget you

Abby    Tim Day   Bunnie
Doug   Gregory   Eylsia
Steven   Kade   Stormy
Sean   Justin   Alyzza
Kayla    Mishari   Abbie
Gary    Mercedez   Jacob
Xavier Allan    Katie   Carrie
Cheryl   Kaleigh   Jamie
Tristan   Connor   Ashley V
Elliot   Amanda   Katy Lou
Emily Nicole   Logan   Chaz
Cody   Dustyn   Kathryn
Bryanna   Ashley   Noah
Sam   Charlie   Amber
Patrick   Chris   Devin
Tristan P.   Katelyn    Holly
Kaylee   Katie F.   Patrick H.
Kambree   Reagan  
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  Download Dr. Mary's handout in PDF format from the conference on the different hormone that affect our children.  
 *  Vision Loss and Autism : Comparisons  in PDF Format. Thank you to Marilyn and Jay Gense for letting us post this at our sight! and to Michelle for finding it for us!!
 * ONH Booklet in PDF Format
 * You can view Dr. Mehul Dattani presentation as a web page, or as  Power Point .

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