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Hi, I'm Bryanna. Come read the poem my mom wrote just for me!Hello!  I'm Patrick and I'm doing Great!  Read my story by clicking on my picture!You can sign up for the Newsletter by sending us your home address at Newsletter@focusfamilies.org
Also if you have written anything you would like to share in the Newsletter please submit it to Newslettersubmissions@focusfamilies.org
We really want this to be your Newsletter so tell us what you want to see!!

Ask Pati
We are going to have a Pati's Questions and Tips Section (the title may change) where you will have the opportunity to ask Pati our very own Vision Therapist, vision related questions and read tips she has gathered to help our kids. You can write Pati at Pati@focusfamilies.org .

Ask The Doctor
Dr.Mary, who is a wonderful pediatric endocrinologist practicing in Arizona. She has agreed to serve on the medical advisory board for FOCUS and also do an Ask the Doctor section for our Newsletter. You can submit your questions to her at askthedoctor@focusfamilies.org .

This section of the newsletter is not meant to be a replacement for your doctor. When you have questions about your child's health please consult your child's doctor.

For more information E-mail us at Support@focusfamilies.org .

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  Download Dr. Mary's handout in PDF format from the conference on the different hormone that affect our children.  
 *  Vision Loss and Autism : Comparisons  in PDF Format. Thank you to Marilyn and Jay Gense for letting us post this at our sight! and to Michelle for finding it for us!!
 * ONH Booklet in PDF Format
 * You can view Dr. Mehul Dattani presentation as a web page, or as  Power Point .



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